Uncle Merrill's Blue Crab Dip
Source: Webmaster at beach-net.com

Uncle Merrill's Dip comes from my wife's late Uncle Merrill, for whom crabbing was a religion at his home in Southern Maryland on Breton Bay off the Potomac River.

Whenever we eat steamed crabs, we wind up scurrying around the kitchen for the right ingredients to make this sort of liquid salad: 

  • Vinegar, preferably white, but cider will do
  • Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions
  • Black pepper

Pour the vinegar into a shallow, wide bowl. Plop in the tomatoes, cucumbers and onions and shake plenty of the black pepper over the whole mess.

When you open your crabs, dunk them in and let them soak while you pick your next crab. Then, after you've dunked that crab, you're ready to eat the crab that's been soaking in the dip.

A NOTE -- When you dunk your crabs in the bowl, keep an eye out for unscrupulous crab eaters who might try to yank your crab out of the dip in addition to theirs.

Also, when the last crab is plucked from the dip, the real test of character begins.

If you can eat the little flakes of crab that settle to the bottom of the bowl without your entire face puckering up, you may qualify for some kind of honorary Eastern Shore citizenship (you earn extra points for downing a piece of semi-pickled tomato).

Source: Webmaster at beach-net.com